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With the OPC Server Toolkit , you can write reliable, high-performance OPC servers or I/O drivers. Intellution's OPC Server Toolkit provides TAPI, DCOM, and OLE functionality, all you do is choose what functionality you need and the toolkit builds the base code for you. It even helps you generate detailed documentation.




The Development Wizard automatically builds the source code base for your OPC server. This means you'll spend more time on productive program development and less time creating code in support of standards.

OPC Server Toolkit on-line training sessions give you step-by-step instructions throughout your server development process, helping you build powerful OPC servers in no time at all.

The OPC Server Toolkit provides a powerful and informative on-line help feature that's accessible from within Microsoft's Developer Studio.

The OPC Server Toolkit on-line help includes conceptual and reference information, a comprehensive code glossary, definitions and examples of objects, classes, methods and properties, as well as advanced tips.

The OPC Server Toolkit automatically creates on-line documentation for your server, which means you don't have to learn complicated help authoring systems.

The OLE Automation interface opens your OPC servers to any OLE application. Every parameter in the OPC server is accessible through the OLE Automation Interface. This means you can leverage your existing productivity software directly to the device. Plus, you don't need in-depth knowledge of OLE to develop an OPC server with the OPC Server Toolkit.

Every OPC server you write with the OPC Server Toolkit will include the OPC Server Power Tool, an OLE Automation application. The Power Tool includes an intuitive graphical user interface that provides you with easy configuration, diagnostics, and data monitoring, along with simplified on-line troubleshooting.

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