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GE’s Proficy HMI-SCADA iPad client enables you to instantly connect to iFIX WebSpace or CIMPLICITY GlobalView server―delivering a fully functioning HMI-SCADA iPad client for your operators and engineers. It can operate over your company intranet or secure internet without the need to change, alter or convert the iFIX or CIMPLCITY applications, and it provides an increased level of usability on the iPad’s touch screen.


Please do note; 
•The Proficy HMI-SCADA application for the iPad can only connect to CIMPLICITY 8.2 or iFIX 5.5 or newer web servers. For CIMPLICITY, we recommend 8.2 SIM 6 or newer, which provides the capability to create shortcuts.

•Be aware that whenever an iPad client is connected to a web server (iFIX WebSpace Server or CIMPLICITY GlobalView Server), one client license is consumed. The number of clients that can connect to your web server depends on the license key.




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