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iFIX WebSpace from GE Intelligent Platforms is an easy-to-use, full-featured web client that enables you to extend, expand and enhance your new or existing HMI/SCADA iFIX system. It enables full control and visualization capabilities over your company intranet or secure internet without the need to change or alter the iFIX application, and can be set up within minutes. With iFIX WebSpace, you can reduce costs, improve time to action, and expand analytic capability—driving sustainable advantages across all levels of your business, including management, operators, engineering and IT levels.


iFIX WebSpace improves the agility of your operations by:

  • Improving time to action & decision
  • Enhancing existing system usability and accessibility
  • Increasing new system design options
  • Delivering a quick time to value and a reduced client total cost of ownership


iFIX WebSpace: A Full Featured SCADA Web Client:

iFIX WebSpace extends your iFIX application viewing and control abilities right into a web browser. WebSpace doesn't compromise features, graphics, or functionality for that it has been designed as a full featured iFIX client and delivers full application functionality into an Internet Explorer or Firefox browser.






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