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PostHeaderIcon ICPROE XML Web Services Server for iFIX SCADA

iFIX Developer Portal is a state of the art and revolutionary way to achieve B2M connectivity without regard for platform, operating system or drivers. This has introduced a new technology while expanding the concepts of using consumer/producer models over traditional client/server architecture in some cases.


What does the XML Web Services Server for iFIX SCADA offer to your operation and business?

  • Truly open and non-proprietary enterprise B2M interoperability.
  • Real-time and historical data access from anywhere on the network without need for client licensing and proprietary drivers.
  • High value low cost solution to sharing SCADA data throughout the enterprise
  • IT web and other enterprise business systems can discover and query SCADA data from anywhere.
  • Anyone with Excel can create reports in seconds from anywhere within in the enterprise. Truly on demand access for everyone.
  • Increased efficiency in reporting and information flow from plant floor to anyone or system within the enterprise.
  • Any number of systems, software and people within the enterprise can access data from any or all SCADA systems simultaneously.
  • Data access from any Office application or desktop/mobile/web software development platform using open and non-proprietary built-in methods.
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