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Most graphical user interface (GUI) applications require a human operator to monitor the computer screen in order to spot an out-of-tolerance condition. With WIN-911, your operators can concentrate on other tasks while your computer system does the monitoring. WIN-911 is a real-time Windows-based alarm manager that works with your existing control software to monitor operations and notify personnel of problem conditions - a process that can save you time, money, and unnecessary anxiety.

WIN-911 turns your PC into a mission-critical command center, generating automatic alarm notification via video, audio, pager, and standard voice telephone. The software instantly detects user-defined events and responds immediately. These responses can range from simply logging the event in a report, to generating an on-site alarm, or phoning off-site personnel with a voice or pager message.

WIN-911 Options

  • Notification of personnel by phone
  • Notification of personnel by pager
  • Voice/sound over remote speakers on factory floor
  • Pop-up on screen windows
  • Voice/sound at the computer

WIN-911 Highlights

  • Easy integration with third-party MMI applications
  • Unlimited Phone Book definitions
  • Unlimited alarm groups
  • Archive of alarms & inquiries for historical documentation
  • Automatically selects proper on-duty personnel from Phone Book
  • 24-hour monitoring of safety & security systems with alarm conditions reported
  • Configuration of remote sites to provide unattended alarm reporting via auto-dial phone or pager
  • Works with any Windows software that is a DDE Server
  • When combined with Specter's EasyLinx Network, WIN-911 makes it easy to mix audible alarms and ASCII Scoreboard displays in a factory to alert operators of problem conditions
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