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SCADA Software in Sydney




GE Intelligent Platforms

GE Intelligent Platforms are world leaders in their field, with a comprehensive family of award-winning plant automation and supervisory software. 
- Historian
- Plant Applications
- Root cause analysis
and more.



Win-911 Alarm Notification System - Telephony Voice Modem Capable

Previously known as TeleDAC® (Telephonic Data Acquisition and Control), WIN-911 ® works as a Windows application alarm reporter which can use email, P.A. systems, pagers, or telephones to notify appropriate personnel of problem situations. Additionally, it works as an alarm manager by enabling the user to respond to and generate reports about alarms.

WIN-911® can connect to host software (SCADA) as a DDE or OPC client, or by using a powerful Direct Connection to either an Intellution or Wonderware database. Win-911® is the remote alarm notification software with the features your organization needs to satisfy the most stringent reporting requirements.

Win911 is an advanced alarm notification package that enhances the powerful alarm features of the Intellution SCADA/HMI products. Win911 provides user configurable alphanumeric alarm paging, voice paging, email notification and local audible alarming.




 XML Web Services Server for iFIX

The iFIX Developer Portal is a powerful multi-threaded HTTP Web Services Server engine that delivers fast and reliable XML and HTML formatted real-time and historical data to any system or software without drivers, client licensing or regard for operating systems or platform. It is a stand alone software solution that runs without the need for IIS or IT support; simply install and run.



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